Designed Afterhoursby Harley Peddie
You can't really control creativity. It's not a nine to five kind of thing. The seed of an idea will visit you at 6am in the morning as you hear the neighbor's car crunch down the gravel and off to his early morning factory shift. Or while biking along the Amsterdam-Rhine canal on a winter Sunday afternoon. Or in the small hours of the morning hunched over a laptop while the lights of John Hancock Tower reflect off the building across the street. Sometimes these ideas don't make it to fully fledged design solutions. But when they do, they make for serendipitous moments that excite and please not just me but my clients and collaborators too. So go on, challenge me with something that will keep me thinking once you've logged off for the day, retreated from the office and started to relax in front of the latest episode of Masterchef. Or you can just take a look at some work >